Sally Overdier Niemann - August 3
Lynn Boyd - August 5
Ann Partner Nelson - August 8
Tim Kellond - August 8
Irma Johnson Princic - August 9
Roberta Owen Dillow - August 9
Sylvia Scena Nicholas - August 12
Ron Lohman - August 12
Karen Littlepage Thomas - August 14
Carol Anderson Pryer - August 15
Mike Day - August 18
Cleta Hopper Harris - August 18
James Payne - August 21
Leonard McBroom - August 21
Dora Heiter Black - August 21
Roland Morrison - August 22
Judi Jones Buell - August 23
Kathleen Shank Bauer - August 24
Larry Wasmuth - August 25
Joe Breheny (deceased) - August 30
Larry Christenson - August 30

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