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Susan Wright (Prenger)
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December 02, 1943 homemaker Married 2
I taught math for several years and then was happy to be a stay-at-home mom to our 2 daughters.  We lived in Los Alamos, New Mexico for 30 years and when my husband retired we moved to Boulder.  I enjoy running, yoga, reading, classical music, quilting, cooking healthy food, and my 3 grandsons.
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Connie Sawdey (Shields)
April 02, 1944 Retired Married 5
I am enjoying being retired with my husband Leonard. We have five wonderful children and twenty even more wonderful grand children, (seventeen girls and three boys).
The last few years have been trying yet satifying. My husband Leonard was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. He was given three months to live, and that was three years ago. We spend most of our time together, just enjoying each others company and appreciating each day as it comes.
I am in pretty good heath. I had triple bypass surgery about twenty years ago and type two diabetes, but I take very good care of myself and have my health issues under pretty good control.
All of my children are of course grown and some even have grown children of their own. They each grew up very different from one another and are each doing well in whatever endeavour they enter into.
Twenty  grand children, WOW! Some of them have grown and gotten married. They found pretty good husbands and are all starting their lives out with passion and great enthusiasim. No Great Grand children yet though.
Feel free to send me an email and let me know how you are doing.
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Georgene Tuley (Johns)
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September 19, 1944 housewife, grandma Married 3
 I'm content to be a wife after many years of various work (nursing, banking, flight attendant) - it's nice to be settled and enjoy my husband of 12+ years, Roger.   Between us we have one son, two daughters and five grandkids ... Life is good!  
Main hobby is cooking - am also involved in music via Boulder Friends of Jazz as membership chairman & newsletter editor ... and was recently elected as president of the club.
Am looking forward to renewing old acquaintances via the reunion!  See you then!
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Irma Johnson (Princic, EdD)
August 09, 1944 Retired Teacher Married 2 An ad-hoc band ski day to Winter Park my sophomore year in a 50s VW bus. We had so much fun!!! Mr. Wallace, Mrs, Knutson, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Bolin, and Mrs. Blum Band events were always fun, and being invited by Mr. McWilliams on the Spanish Club's trip to Santa Fe our senior year.
I will never forget Mrs. Knutson, who suggested to me that I would be an excellent elementary school teacher.  I followed her advice which led me to Colorado State College (now UNC) where I met my husband Dr. Walter Princic (PhD), to whom I have been married 47 years. 

I have had a good life.  Our two children, Mary and David are married.  David has two boys, our only grandchildren. 

After finishing my BA and getting my teaching license, I taught in Kersey, Colorado for one year.  Then Wally needed to finish his doctorate at the University of Illinois, so we drove in our VW Karmen Ghia all our worldly belonging to Champaing, Ill.  I was hired at Rantoul, Ill as a fifth grade teacher. 

In 1969 Wally needed to return to his position at UNC, but he was still writing his dissertation.  I subbed in Greeley for a year while we awaited the arrival of our daughter, Mary.  I had the priviledge of being a wife and mother, but needed intellectural activites.  I joined the League of Women Voters and became very involved in Greeley's move toward establishing a housing authority. 
    In 1973 I was elected to the first of two terms as a Greeley City Council member.  I know a great deal about water rights and sewage treatment.  In fact, I think my name is still on the plaque at the Greeley sewage plant.  What a claim to fame!!! 
     In 1982, I was working in insurance, but was recruited into banking from which I was asked to move to Wheeler Realty in Greeley.  But, by 1985, I realized I missed teaching!!!!
     So, I went back to school to work on a Master's in reading.  In 1986 I was hired by Littleton Public Schools as the reading specialist at Heritage High School.  I finished my doctorate in education in 1998, but chose to stay in public education rather than move to college level teaching.  
     I retired last May, and I am now subbing in LPS.  Since my license if for K-12, I get to go to all the schools and all grade levels.  I really do love teaching and really enjoy not having sixty-five senior independent studies to read and reread along with another sixty-five to seventy freshmen thematic analysis of Romeo and Juliet.  I come home to rest and relax.  I guess I will always find something to do to keep busy.
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