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Tobey Long
July 08, 1944 unemployed at the moment Single 3 senior prom don't remember name but he taught psych horseback riding
Left high school got married, moved to California had 3 children, two girls and a boy. Divorced after 13 years (husband just walked out) married again this time violent alcoholic marriage became abusive, divorced after 2 years, was stay at home Mom but have had several jobs.  Kept up with horses did training, riding, teaching, enjoyed that very much, lost track of long time friends when divorced.  I am now in desperate shape financially and existing on unemployment. I have 4 grand children, 2 in St Louis 2 in Okeechobee.  Live in small town in Florida enjoy it very much but have no friends to talk to so it is nice to hear from Colorado.  I am looking to start a new business and I am looking for investors, if interested let me know and I will fill you in talk to you soon.
I hope to hear more later.
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Harold Precht
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November 20, 1943 Retired from Hitachi Data Systems Married 2 The Friday Nnight foot ball games. Hmmm, probably Mr Wallace in Band or our English teacher. When she came by the greenhouse to buy flowers, she always had good thing to say about me to my mom. Even though I may not have been so deserving. I believe there was a 1/4 mile marked off on 32nd just east of the school & I know I tried to see how fast I could make my 64 Olds run thru it.

I lived at the corner of 41st & Harlan - where the greenhouse is, just up from where the Lakeside mall was.

My grand parents purchased the property in 1919. It was originally about 5 ac in size & ran from 41st to 43rd & from Gray to Harlan (originally Idlewild St.) At the time it was tomato fields & a fruit orchard. The property was divided between my aunts & uncles in the '40s' & most was sold to a housing developer. Some of you may remember living in those houses just across from the park.

My sister Lois, brother Ken & I still own the property & have it leased out. It's now Southwest Gardens.
I went to Mtn. View Elementary & then to Wheatridge Jr & Senior High. I sort of lost focus & quit school in the middle of my Junior yr. & Joined the US Navy.
Looking back at being the not so studious kid that I was, that decision made me grow up quick & put the capital "O" back in Order for me. During the 4 yrs. I was in, Kennedy called up the military reserves because of the Cuban missile crisis. I was on a Destroyer type of ship, the USS Laws. We were deployed for a 6 month cruise of the western Pacific”WesPac”. It included ports in Hawaii, Guam, Midway, Philippines, Japan. Okinawa & South Korea. It was a measure of readiness for the country at the time. I was discharged just before "Nam" got rolling.
I worked for NCR in Denver, Ft Collins Co. & Rancho Bernardo Ca. fixing cash registers, ATMs & computers. When NCR offered an early retirement package, I took it & retired after 34 yrs.
At that point I still needed to work but the thought in your mind is “am I still employable at the age of 54”? Then as luck would have it Hitachi Data Systems needed someone with NCR experience & there I was. I've been there 14 yr now.
WOW, the time really flew by!

I was always a hammer & nail guy & when I got home from the Navy dad asked me if I remembered how to weld from my metal shop class. I did. So we put up the 1st of 4 greenhouses & the rest of them came later.
I moved to Ft Collins where I met my 1st wife. We built our home by Horsetooth Reservoir, doing the physical labor ourselves. That took its toll & as can happen we ended up divorcing.
Still with NCR, I moved back to Denver. My dad & I built a spec house just southeast of Rocky Flats by Lyden.
I met my 2nd wife Judi in Aurora. A couple years passed & her boys moved out to other areas of the country. Shortly after we got a transfer to "sunny" San Diego in '87' - no snow - but plenty of fires.
We get back to Denver once a year sometimes more to see relatives & friends.
All in all it's been a good ride - good jobs, built a couple of houses, did some remodels, a couple of marriages, 2 kids & 5 grand kids.
We just purchased a motorhome & will do some additional traveling – a trip to Denver for the reunion is included.

I am anxious to meet up with everyone again. See you there!
Keep Smiling :^)


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Bill Prather
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January 25, 1944 Married 1
Things are good.  I'm now retired and doing some consulting. Still riding my motorcycle all over, buying the occasional fix/flip house with my son, skiing and traveling.  My wife works part time for an airline which makes the traveling interesting.  Dallas for lunch and then home.  That kind of thing.  Hope everybody is doing well.  Bill
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William Howell
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President/CEO Married
I've lived on the east coast for the last thirty-years. My office is a ten minute train ride from NYC. I've worked in the insurance claims buisness since college graduation and fourteen years ago started my own buisness as a third party administrator. In July this year I sold the company to a private equity group and over the next two years I expect to transition out of the buisness and finally retire. I still have family in the Denver area and where my wife and I are considering a second home, while keepng a home in the New York area. Send William a MessageSend William a Message
Marjorie Carr (Bright)
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retired Married 5
I moved to Grants Pass, OR right after graduation. Attended Southern Oregon College, graduated in education with a minor in library science. Later moved to Tracy CA and raised our 5 children, 4 girls and 1 boy. We now live in Rexburg, ID, have 8 grand children and 6 great-grandchildren. I am now retired from education, massage therapy, and insurance. I enjoy my yard, garden and having my family come live with us as they pursue their education.
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Sharon Lane (Jewell)
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Business owner Married 4 Graduation
My husband Jack and I own Industrial Brake & Clutch. We specialize in relining brakes for antique or vintage vehicles as well as for industrial off-highway equipment. Between us we have 6 children and 15 grandchildren. We have a full and happy life. We will not be able to attend the reuniun due to my health issues, but everyone will be in my thoughts. Send Sharon a MessageSend Sharon a Message
Regina Lavrinc (Miller)
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March 30, 1944 Administrative Assistant Married 1 Choir
We moved to Whidbey Island in Washington, on November 1st, 2012, a beautiful place. I don't like the word retire. I am always busy. I would still like to work at something part-time. I have a large, really nice garden and need to learn how to take care of all of these things that I don't know about! Weren't we going to downsize??? We are planning to go to Colorado at the end of March 2014 for my 70th birthday party. I can't believe that I am that old!
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JOYCE Peterson (CLOER)
September 19, 1944 Registered Nurse Married 4
it has absolutely been a lifetime of events.  I married Joe Vinnola and dropped out of school at the end of my junior year.  It was very stupid, but love conquers all.  I regret the missing school, not the marriage.  To find your soul-mate is the greatest blessing. We moved to Arkansas in 1970, started a business and he died at 44 of cancer. 
I went to college again, and became a nurse.  It has been my therapy and love.  I have received much more that I have given.  Healthcare is my passion and I encourage everyone to get involved.  Our generation will be affected the most. 
I have remarried and I'm lucky to have all my children a few miles away.  I changed jobs from a "for profit hospital" to a "faith based hospital" this Spring.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend.  I wish you all good health.
John Turnquist
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July 02, 1944 Retired Attorney/Non-Profit Executive Director Married 3
After 35 years wonderful years of providing legal services to our sailors and Marines, I spent five years as the Executive Director of a large human services non-profit agency, where I learned more about hunger, homelessness, and domestic violence in those years than I had in all of my prior years.  My wife, Kathy, and I have been married almost 45 years and have three grown sons, one in Houston and two in Boulder, CO. We left Virginia in 2008 and are now in Texas luxuriating with our grandkids and always planning when to get to Boulder, CO, to see our other grandkids.  Ah, retired life is a hoot, because, among other things, I get to indulge my passion for Bible study and to renew my love of teaching adult Bible study classes.
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Jed (Burnham)
July 23, 1944 Retired Married 2
After high school, and after a few self inflicted wounds, I began to grow up. I attended the University of Colorado Denver part time and worked at various jobs. Ultimately I was drafted in June of 1966. I proposed to Joann Stephenson whom I’d met working in the mail room of Western Federal Savings. We were married and I went off to war the following week. I was discharged shortly after basic training as a result of my bad eyesight which, unsurprisingly, was not picked up during my induction physical.
Joann earned her B.A. in education from the University of Colorado and easily found a teaching job which allowed me to continue my education full time. I graduated with a B.S. in business with an emphasis in finance and was given a full fellowship to graduate school where I earned an MBA, also with an emphasis in finance. During graduate school, I was also blessed with a son, Jedidiah the IX, since I’m the 8th.
I began my career as Assistant Treasurer with King Resources, a relatively prominent or perhaps notorious, oil and gas firm in Denver. This lasted just 2 years as it declared bankruptcy and the president, John M. King went to jail. I learned a lot about what not to do in this job. I joined our lead bank – United Bank of Denver in the Commercial Banking Division. I stayed there 22 years, ultimately managing the division as executive vice president until the bank was acquired by Norwest Bank. During this time I was again blessed with another son, Jonathan.
With the Norwest acquisition, I became the chief credit officer for all their banks in Colorado outside of the Denver metro area. After two years I was approached by the Coors family to join them as they split all their non-beer businesses away from the brewery to make it more of a pure stock market play. I accepted their offer and became the Chief Financial Officer of ACX Technologies, which became a separately traded NYSE Fortune 500 company, headquartered in Golden and with revenues of several billion dollars. I was surprised and impressed by how many companies Coors had developed over the last century in an attempt to diversify. 
I was with them a wonderful nine years as we bought, sold, and closed the portfolio of companies ultimately ending with two out of more than 25. We took the ceramics business private and merged the remaining packaging business with a similar sized company headquartered in Atlanta. For me Y2K came true as the company ceased to exist and I retired for the first time, but not the last.
I was fortunate in my business career to have traveled the world. I’ve been all over Europe, if fact to England 13 times in 1997 where ACX did the 12th largest acquisition on the London Stock Exchange. I traveled to Australia many times, as well as Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia (including Bali and Papua New Guinea). I’ve logged nearly a million miles on United Airlines alone.
After ACX, I was asked to take over for a good friend who was dying of cancer, as President of The Bank of Cherry Creek, a billion dollar bank specializing in the upscale Denver personal market. I accepted and stayed a full year, but found that the owner – Don Sturm and his wife Susan really wanted a chief operating officer who would take orders, rather than a CEO, and so we parted company. My employment contract included a two year non-compete clause which precluded me from taking a position at another bank for that period. It turned out to be a blessing because my wife, Joann was diagnosed with breast cancer and I was able to be home with her during her surgeries and radiation treatments. Praise the Lord; it has been 9 years with no further problems. I also took the opportunity to attend Denver Seminary as a non-degree student – a goal since I accepted Christ during the very difficult economic times in Colorado in the late 1980’s. While at school I assisted the Chief Financial Officer of the seminary in securing financing to move the school to a new campus and was asked to join the board where I currently serve as Chair – a true honor and privilege.
At the end of my two year non-compete I joined Vectra Bank of Colorado as Executive Vice President in charge of the 22 banks outside the Denver Metro area. Vectra is owned by Zions Bank in Utah and is the product of many separate acquisitions. Zions brought in new management to rationalize these acquisitions – essentially to get them to all work and play well together. I retired 3 years ago after an enjoyable 5 years of working with great bankers in smaller Colorado communities.
Today I keep busy serving on the boards of Denver Seminary, Mother’s of Preschoolers ( a national organization working through churches to make better moms and thus a better world), Development Associates International ( a group headquartered in Colorado Springs that teaches Christian leaders in 3rd world countries to be better leaders). My wife and I also enjoy spending time with our four grandsons, sailing chartered yachts, and traveling.
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