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Christine Johnson (Blood)
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July 14, 1944 Retired Married 2
In August 1963 I married George, the airman I dated in high school.  We lived in Turkey and Texas before coming back to Arvada.  We have 2 children and 6 grandkids who live close by.

Looking forward to the reunion.  Thank you Scott for all the work you've done on the web site.
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Cloette Mares (Amato Lee)
December 01, 1944 Counselor Married 3 Blue & Gold Days Mrs. Neunam-French Teacher
4 Grandchildren ages 1 to 10-Attended Univ. of Madrid  63-64-Univ. of CO 64-66 Married Sal Amato 64-Moved to Spain 67-70 w/2 children political envolment 70-90-Women Chamber of Commerce 90-93-Married 2000 to Joe E. Lee in Belize-love international travel-work 93 to present with Apartment Finders Send Cloette a MessageSend Cloette a Message
Charlyn Dowling (Smith)
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Social worker Married
I graduated from CSU in Fort Collins in 1966. From there, I joined the Navy as an ensign. I was stationed at Norfolk, Virginia. I was honorably discharged after two years and went to work as a social worker in child welfare in five counties west of Houston, Texas.

I got my MSW degree in 1975 from the Worden School of Social Work Service in San Antonio, Texas. I worked as a social worker at the VA in Houston on medicine, psychiatry and rehab. I transferred to the VA in Maine and worked in psychiatry. I then moved back to Denver in 1982 and worked as a social worker at Denver Health and Hospitals.

I'm now living in Des Moines, Iowa since 1989 where I worked at the county as a social worker. My husband Clyde works in Des Moines. I volunteer with the Drake Literacy Center and Freedom for Youth Ministries.

My husband and I have befriended families from Liberia through Crossroads Fellowship Christian Reformed Church. We thank God for His direction in our lives and for the many friends we've met in this area.

I hope things go well for the Class of '62 reunion. Thank you for the outstanding job you and the committee are doing!
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Cleta Hopper (Harris)
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August 18, 1943 retired Divorced 3
Live in Germany, Oregon and Colorado. Got a divorce in 1973. Moved back to Colorado and started working for the Colorado Dept of Revenue. Worked there for almost 29 years. I decided to retire. In that 29 years I took care of Mom and for a couble of years I took care of three of my grandchildren. After mom passed in 2001 I moved to Kansas, where I am still living. I have 15 grandchildren (2 are adopted) one grand daughther-in-law and two great-grand daughters.
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Barbara Mulling (Hassey)
April 21, 1944 teacher of GED Widowed 3 Practicing for the senior class play.
I live on a 25 acre farm. I raise and show miniature Herefords. I also work part time for JC Penney and I also teach people who are working toward getting their GED. Send Barbara a MessageSend Barbara a Message
David Kneeland
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April 09, 1944 Truck mechanic Divorced 4 Attending the basketball games. Gaida Hughes Antagonize those who thought they were actually important. ; )
 All you people are great and have done so many wonderful things for this world. I am proud of my family and friends, lucky to have experienced life on this beautiful world and hope it continues as long as possible. I am such a hermit, my choice, and not good at staying in touch with others. So, I am thankful we all have the opportunity to reconnect. Looking forward to visiting with my former classmates. Send David a MessageSend David a Message
Bill Stovall
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April 19, 1944 Cowboy Married 1
I have been retired since January 1, 2000 - Y2K was my final contract. I love retirement. I was a marginal student and a fair employee but I am really good at retirement. I have really hit my stride in the last 10 years. The only bad thing is the pay.
The major things I have been involved with in the last 10 years are:
Travel – We have travelled all over the world. We have:
·        Rode in a fox hunt in Scotland
·        Scuba Dived at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
·        Walked on the Great Wall and saw the Terracotta Soldiers in China
·        Saw the Taj Mahal and charmed the dreaded king cobra in India (you can see me charming the snake at )
·        Visited the Valley of the Kings, the Great Pyramids and Karnak in Egypt
·        Viewed Big Game in Africa
·        Rode a horse through the canyon at Petra, Jordan
·        Hiked in the ruins at Manchu Picchu
·        Saw the Roman and Greek ruins in Italy, Greece and Turkey
·        Studied the construction and the history of the Panama Canal and travelled from coast to coast in Panama.
·        Caught sockeye salmon and viewed wildlife in Alaska
·        Attended the SF Giants Fantasy Camp - Even though I was available and got a hit against Vida Blue, the Giants did not offer me a contract
·        Visited all the US Presidential Libraries
·        Visited most of the battlefields of the wars fought on US soil - French and Indian, Revolutionary and Civil
·        Visited most of the National parks in the west – Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Mesa Verde, King’s Canyon and Monument Valley
·        Visited the Smithsonian
·        Attended Space Camp where we participated in a simulated shuttle mission and rode the centrifuge (I pulled 4 Gs without any problem)
·        Visited Easter Island where we studied the Rapa Nui culture and saw the Moai
·        Next spring we plan to visit Japan. I am going to find a sumo wrestler with an attitude and pin his diapered butt.
2007 – The year of Bionic Bill. In 2007 I got two artificial hips, had a TURP (roto-rooter job)and a colonoscopy. That was the year those doctors had their way with my body.
Roy Rogers – He always was my favorite cowboy.
.....  I just purchased a big palomino quarter horse. His name is Trigger.
......Our dog is a big German Sheppard. His name is not Bullet and he would be of no help catching bad guys. He does have a firm understanding with the PG&E guy – No treat, no read the meter.
Normal Activities in Thorp – I ride my horses daily in the summer. Year round I play tennis daily and spend an hour solving the world’s problems over a beautiful and tasty dinner prepared by Lora (You would think that after 40 years, we would have all the world’s problems solved long ago). I also play bridge 2 times per week. For New Years we boogie at the Moose Lodge till midnight then go to a cowboy bar and start a fist fight.
The good life - I don’t know how I could be happier. I have my health, a sense of humor, my ranch, trigger and a smart, considerate and pretty cowgirl. What else could a guy want?
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Steve McNall
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November 24, 1944 Real Estate Committed Relationship 2

Received a bachelor of science degree/businesss - University of Colorado, 1967.  After spending time in the service, eventually formed my own Real Estate and Construction companies in Denver, primarily investing in commercial properties and remodeling houses in Capitol Hill.  The aviation "bug" bit and I became a flight instructor at Centennial Airport and eventually built an airplane in my garage, flew it 9 years to 48 states and Mexico, before selling it recently. 

We enjoyed our exchange student from Belguim for 1 year while she attended high school in Denver.  Our time was very rewarding for being a foster parent to 8 children.  Am currently living in Southern California and spending time with grand children, playing golf, volunteering (trauma intervention) and west coast sunsets.  Best wishes to everyone.  God Bless

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Ellen Riley (Dattilo)
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Retired Married 3

(Scott Hightower: Ellen Riley Dattilo asked me to post her profile for her, since she is not a big computer user.).

Back in the "school days" at Wheat Ridge High, two major events started my 'after graduation' life. The first was when Tony and I were married before graduation (which raised some eyebrows), when he was on leave from the Army during the build up for Vietnam. The second was our graduation.

Our first son, Troy was born three years later, followed by son Tim (five years after Troy), and daughter Tonya (five years after Tim). August 11 will mark our 50th anniversary. We have seven wonderful grandchildren, all girls except for one lonely and pampered little boy.

I retired from service with Jeffco Schools in 2001. Tony retired from law enforcement in August of 2010, and we now enjoy seeing our grandchildren and participating in events with Shriners. I guess it's a cliche to say that the years have flown by pretty quickly, but events of yesterday don't seem so far off.

We're lucky that good health has favored us and hope to start checking things off of our bucket list. Next up is an Alaskan cruise that we've been talking about for lots of years.

We make our home in Morrison after several short residential stints in other states which came with Tony's military service and work locations. After having lived in Montana, Tennessee, South Dakota and Texas, we can attest that Colorado is the best place to be, so no plans to move anywhere else.

Best wishes to everyone, and thanks to you for doing a great job on the website - very impressive!!

God Bless!
Ellen Riley (Dattilo)

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June Ferguson (Sloniger)
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October 22, 1943 Retired Divorced 2
I have 7 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren, boys,  ages 1 and 3, Wesley and Weston.  I retired from SBA and I now work on genealogy all the time.  I lived in the Atlantic Maritimes for 16 years and Loved it.  I moved back to Colorado when my first great-grandson was born.  Found a lot of my family there. (Maine and New Brunswick)  I have lots of pictures on facebook, under June Ferguson.   Most of my pictures are in storage in Maine. Send June a MessageSend June a Message
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