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Sally Overdier (Niemann)
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Profile picture
August 03, 1944 retired Married 2 designing/painting backdrops for senior play Ms. Harger, Mr. Weatherbee
Bird Watcher
Event Planner
Green Thumb
Shell Seeker
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Judi Jones (Buell)
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August 23, 1944 Former teacher; mother, home manager Married Dr. Frank Oppenheimer working in Mr. Pratt's ( accelerated geometry teacher) room. Mr. Pratt instructed us to treat him with the utmost courtesy and respect. . Mrs. Helen Knudtson, Mr. Harold Pratt, Mr. John Roberts, Mr. Charles Ellis, Mr. Work, Mrs. Purvis WHS classes, Elitches, MYF, Horizon Club
During high school, I was pretty much a student and not able to be involved in the social activities.  After WHS, I graduated from Colorado State College with a double major and double minor, hoping that would  widen my career horizons.  I was fortunate to teach in Jefferson County for four and a half years while putting myself through an M.A. from the Univ. of Northern Colo. the last three of those years.  After that, I married my husband, then moved to Georgia, Japan, New Mexico and have now lived in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years.  I appreciated the outstanding education I felt I received at WHS.  I enjoyed my years of teaching (14) and was grateful to have positions in levels elementary through high school, college and adults.  During our children's elementary and junior high years, I volunteer taught in their classrooms giving their teachers free planning periods each week.  The schedule was great for me!  We keep very busy with many activities.  I do miss the blue skies and sunshine of Colorado...  Thank you to Scott for this great website and for managing all the information.  Thank you to Karen Thomas for finding and contacting me and to all the committee for the work you have done.  It is great to see so many of our classmates doing so well.
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Judy Sealy (Rice)
November 02, 1944 retired Married 2
Recently retired and looking forward to having time to travel, garden, read, shop, and spend more quality time with family and friends.  Send Judy a MessageSend Judy a Message
Mike Day
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August 18, 1944 Retired Married 3
 After a year at the USAFA and three back East at Johns Hopkins I was fortunate to hire on as a pilot for United Air Lines where I flew for 37 !/2 years, retiring in 2003 when the terrorists took the fun out of the job. Married for 46 years to Glenna Callahan WHS '64. Three children and two grandchildren. Maintenance is my focus, resisting entropy in all things physical and mechanical.  Send Mike a MessageSend Mike a Message
Gary Rigg
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September 28, 1944 Retired Divorced 2
I spent all my years in Printing with the Rky. Mt. News and the Denver Post and enjoying retirement very much. I enjoy living in the country. My oldest boy died at age 20 and my other 2 a Son and daughter are Married my son lives in Highlands Ranch and my daughter lives in Glenwood Springs I also have 2 Grandaughters. My hobbies are antique Tractors and Custom Cars. looking forward to the reunion in 2012.
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Jay Marks
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October 07, 1944 Copywriter Married 5

After high school I attended Stanford University. My sophomore summer I joined a group called Volunteers in Asia and spent six weeks in Macao, teaching English to refugees who had escaped Red China. It’s amazing the price some people are willing to pay for freedom. I spent the last of my senior year at Stanford-in-Italy, living and studying in Florence, and hitch-hiking through Spain on my break.

Three weeks after returning from Italy I was in Quantico, Virginia, in Marine Corps Officer Candidate School (OCS). The war in Vietnam was heating up, and I didn’t want to miss it. I spent a tour of duty in Vietnam as an infantry platoon commander, and fought in the siege of Khe Sanh in 1968.

After the Marine Corps, I attended Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona. That led me into the advertising agency business. I worked first in New York, and then in Chicago, for large, international ad agencies. My favorite account was John Deere International, promoting tractors and farm equipment in Mexico.

Chicago was a great place to live, but it was a long way away from what I really enjoyed: skiing, backpacking and fly-fishing. So in 1977 I returned to Denver to work for a local ad agency on the Johns-Manville International business. Two years later I joined another local agency, where I spent 13 years managing accounts, developing new business, and ultimately serving on the board of directors. My favorite account was The Gates Rubber Company (now Gates Corporation). Gates later became a client for my own copywriting business, and remains so today.

In 1994 I launched my own small firm (of one), which I called The Marks Group (to look bigger). My alimony and child care payments exceeded my income, so a year later I opted to join a small agency for the comfort of a salary. There I met Athena, the woman I wish I had known all along (although she was only two years old when I was graduating from high school). We were married in 1999. By then I was working for a healthcare marketing firm as a copywriter/creative director.

In 2001 I lost my job and resurrected The Marks Group. No more bosses. No more layoffs. I was free to work my own hours. Athena joined me in the business, so now we were truly a group (of two). That’s the way we’ve kept it ever since. I’m the writer; she’s the doer. And she’s become as passionate about fly-fishing as I am, so I have the perfect partner in work and play.

Life is good and getting better. Our blended family includes five grown children, all thriving in their unique ways, and a 3-year old grandson who charms the pants off everyone he meets. We now live in Broomfield, Colorado.
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Dennis Peterson
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November 03, 1943 Electrical Contractor-retired Married 2 Hanging out with all my friends Joe Weatherbee and Mr. Collins Cruising around in our hot rods
 After I graduated from High School, I entered the Electrical Apprenticeship Program through Local Union #68.  I graduated in 1966 and continued at our electric company--Peterson Electric.  I worked there until it closed in 1982.  I retired due to health issues.
I collected classic cars and owned 28 throughout the years.  They ranged from a 1927 to a 1979.  My favorite was a 1960 Rolls Royce.
I also had a stained glass business that had started as a hobby in 1965.
I got married in 1965 but divorced in 1972.
I married again in 1974 to Georgia and we have been married for over 38 years.
I have two sons whom I greatly admire.
We moved from Routt Street in Lakewood to Milliken at the Mad Russian Estates in 1999 where we live today.
Since 1995 my hobby has been traveling in our motor home.  We have traveled at least 300,000 miles in various motor homes.
I have been through three cancer treatments and have COPD.  Other than that, Life is Good!!! 
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Diana Waggoner (Davies)
November 10, 1944 Health Insurance Authorizations Specialist Divorced 2
I'm won't be able to join you at the reunion, but I wish you all a wonderful time. Send Diana a MessageSend Diana a Message
Diane Glenn
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April 14, 1944 Flight Attendant Retired Single Exchange trip,driving around with the girls. Mr. Narcisian and Miss Tschappet Football and basketball games,pot lucks.
Retired from United Airlines in 2003, after 39 years.  I have lots of good memories but love the freedom of retirement. Looking forward to the reunion and seeing old friends.  Send Diane a MessageSend Diane a Message
Loretta Hodges (Boyles)
July 23, 1944 Banker Single Again 3 I enjoyed the drill team and visiting with my fellow cohorts in the lobby! Let's not forget the fierce farmer basketball and football games! Going to the movies downtown, and driving about town with friends.
 The ultimate joy of my life is my 3 kids and 2 grandchildren. I have 2 beautiful grandchildren both girls!  I must admit I am completely unbiased with regards to the kiddos.  I have been a banker now for over 20 years and am looking forward to ultimately retiring.  I have had two close calls in my life and am continuing to learn from each.  32 years ago I had a rare idiopathic disease while I was pregnant with my youngest, and miraculously I made it through with a healthy baby and my life.  I am so very thankful to God for my recovery and of course for the health of my baby.  Recently, I was recovering from surgery and suffered from a stroke. Slowly but surely by the grace of God I am improving every single day. If there is anything you take away from this profile please it is this. Live each day as though it was your last because you never know and well its damn fun! Send Loretta a MessageSend Loretta a Message
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