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Jerrie Belec (Ericsson)
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October 28, 1944 Retail Manager Married 2 Cruising 16th Street Mr Hamill and Mr Work making posters, attending games
Still working and enjoying it, gives John more time to play.

See John Ericsson
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Nancy Flanders (Wear)
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October 01, 1944 Retired Married School Activities The principal Being with friends
Upon graduation from Wheat Ridge, I attended Colorado State Univesity.  I was an independent on campus and in the Chi Omega Sorority.  College was a wonderful time.

During my junior year I married and had one daughter and we moved to Criag, Colorado.  I spent three years there as a rancher's wife and barrel racer before coming back to Colorado State University to finish my undergraduate degree as a single mom.  From there my life took on many new experiences.

I majored in business and received a teaching degree and an administrative certification.  I actually spent 24 years in education from teaching to Director of Secondary Curriculum for the Loveland School District.  During my time in education I went on to get a doctorate in administration (1991).  I spent seven years after retiring from the school district consulting for the state of Colorado education department.

I did have another career in between education
segments as I met and married my current husband in 1975 and he was in real estate.  I was in real estate from 1978  to 1991 as a sales agent and then moved to Broker of three offices in the Fort Collins and Loveland area.  I loved real estate, but not as much as education which is why I went back to it in 1991.

I was fortunate to have experiences all over the united states through real estate and education.  I am currently enjoying our four daughters.  My husband had three girls and then my one have made quite a family.  We now have five grandchildren.  Four boys and one girl.

I spend my time golfing in three leagues and bowling in three to four leagues.  Retirement is great.  I have leadership in the leagues which keeps me busy and technology literate.

So this is a short bio of a unique life and new experiences still coming.  And yes, of course there were bumps along the way, but who looks back.  It is too exciting going forward.
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Arnett Williams
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September 27, 1943 Retired Married Meeting Barbara Olson Mr. McNichols, Mr. Weatherby Berry's, Frosted Scotchman, McDonald's, oh, yeah, COORS
Highlights after high school:
College at Georgia Southwestern in Americus, Ga.
U.S.M.C. 1965-1969 Graduated Honor Man from boot camp, received two meritorious promotions, started flying.  (Ran into Ron Sollenbarger at Navy Glynco, Georgia).  Married Barbara Olson June, 1965.  Went to work for the Federal Aviation Administration as an Air Traffic Controller.  Graduated from ATC school at OKC (Oklahoma City), then worked at Denver Center in Longmont Co, Salt lake City Tower and a few others.  Retired as Tower Manager of Grand Junction Tower, Co.  From 1965 untill 1985 we lived out of Colorado in ten different states.  It's good to be back home.  I attended seminary during the last few years before retiring  and started pastoring at the Methodist Church in Mesa, Co.  I started a trucking company.  Bought a Peterbilt and hauled flatbed all over Colorado.
WE sold our 30 acres in Mesa, Co. and moved to Kansas;  I bought a Methodist Church building that had been converted to a 12,500 sq ft home (great idea untill you try to heat it).
The town happened to be Greensburg, KS.  It was wiped out by an E.F. 5 tornado May, 2007 with winds in excess of 236 M.P.H.  Everything we had was destroyed, but we came through without a scratch.  Barb and I now live here in Colorado, finally fully retired.  We enjoy taking road trips in our Corvette (which I've slobbered for since I was fourteen) and we take our motor home for longer stays.  Life is good.  High points of life:  Accepting Jesus and turning my life around after a harrowing legal ordeal.  Marrying Barbara Olson (Chad Olson's  sister) Flying supersonic in an F-106 and a F-101 fighter.  Taking our horses into the Bob Marshall wilderness area and seeing grizzly bears and mountain lions up close and personal.  Many, many other things, but mostly --having been able to do it all with Barb.
My thanks to all of you who have worked so tirelessly to make our reunion special to all of us.  I wish all our class the very best and look forward to seeing you again. 
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Roland Morrison
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August 22, 1944 Working on 5th retirement Married 3
 When I was in school all I wanted was out.  When I finally did get out, I discovered it had all been a sham.  I had learned nothing of practical value because my inept teachers were obviously incapable of holding a real job.  Anyway I was done with profound pronouns and the petty tyranny of the band council and never looked back. 

I had been self sufficient since 14 and didn't live in my parent's house.  It was wonderful to be free of school and living at a time when cars had real engines, the girls were pretty, and the country was free.

I married my childhood sweetheart from Cheyenne and we have three great daughters.  We've done everything we wanted to do and a lot of things we never dared to even dream we could accomplish.  We traveled extensively in the US & Europe, lived on the Pacific beach at SanClemente, CA  and on Cape Cod beach near Plymouth, MA. We lived in the mountains and in the desert.  We have done the gamut of activities: Boating, flying, horses, cars, camping, motorcycles, and have  settled down now to traveling and restoring antique cars and tractors.

I retired in 1992 from a Nuclear Consultant position just north of NYC and moved back to Washington where we have kept a house since the 1970s.  That retirement lasted 12 years and we spent some of that time in Europe.  I have always been very good at designing and building things and finally I was tempted to go back to work sporadically, not for the money, but because of some neat projects. I plan to draw SS at 70 and perhaps retire for good.

I enjoy reading about the adventures of classmates. I have not kept in contact with anyone but some of you have done amazing things and had interesting lives.  I wish I would have known you better.

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Loma Bello (Rhynard)
December 26, 1944 Retired Married 3
I love spending my time now with my 5 beautiful grandkids and traveling with my husband. Send Loma a MessageSend Loma a Message
Tom Lockwood
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February 19, 1944 retired Committed Relationship 3
I got my first marketing degree at CU.  Then I was a ski/travel bum for a year before I got in to Air Force OTS and became an officer for 4 years.  Then I got my Masters Degree in Marketing from the Univ. of Arizona.  I worked in the Denver and San Francisco areas for the Gates Corp. for 11 years before leaving big business behind.  The next 14 yrs were as a residential general contractor and real estate broker in the Evergreen, CO community.  I have a real estate brokers license, did my own architectural work, and then engineered the structural elements.  About 1997 the switch was made from home building to owning apartment buildings and having my own management company.  Things went well, so I sold out in 2002 and retired.  Since then, I have skied, scuba dived many places, done some golf, hunted, and fished a lot.  Suzanne Harris has been with me for almost 9 great years, and we have had a wonderful time traveling to many fun places.  I help Kiwanis, Elks, Trout Unlimited, and Ducks Unlimited with many of their projects to benefit the community.  I have 3 married sons, and 4 grandchildren with 2 more on the way.  We just got back from a superb trip with all of them to Beaches Negril, Jamaica.  We are looking forward to many happy years to come. Send Tom a MessageSend Tom a Message
Sally Overdier (Niemann)
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August 03, 1944 retired Married 2 designing/painting backdrops for senior play Ms. Harger, Mr. Weatherbee
Bird Watcher
Event Planner
Green Thumb
Shell Seeker
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Judi Jones (Buell)
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August 23, 1944 Former teacher; mother, home manager Married Dr. Frank Oppenheimer working in Mr. Pratt's ( accelerated geometry teacher) room. Mr. Pratt instructed us to treat him with the utmost courtesy and respect. . Mrs. Helen Knudtson, Mr. Harold Pratt, Mr. John Roberts, Mr. Charles Ellis, Mr. Work, Mrs. Purvis WHS classes, Elitches, MYF, Horizon Club
During high school, I was pretty much a student and not able to be involved in the social activities.  After WHS, I graduated from Colorado State College with a double major and double minor, hoping that would  widen my career horizons.  I was fortunate to teach in Jefferson County for four and a half years while putting myself through an M.A. from the Univ. of Northern Colo. the last three of those years.  After that, I married my husband, then moved to Georgia, Japan, New Mexico and have now lived in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years.  I appreciated the outstanding education I felt I received at WHS.  I enjoyed my years of teaching (14) and was grateful to have positions in levels elementary through high school, college and adults.  During our children's elementary and junior high years, I volunteer taught in their classrooms giving their teachers free planning periods each week.  The schedule was great for me!  We keep very busy with many activities.  I do miss the blue skies and sunshine of Colorado...  Thank you to Scott for this great website and for managing all the information.  Thank you to Karen Thomas for finding and contacting me and to all the committee for the work you have done.  It is great to see so many of our classmates doing so well.
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Judy Sealy (Rice)
November 02, 1944 retired Married 2
Recently retired and looking forward to having time to travel, garden, read, shop, and spend more quality time with family and friends.  Send Judy a MessageSend Judy a Message
Mike Day
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August 18, 1944 Retired Married 3
 After a year at the USAFA and three back East at Johns Hopkins I was fortunate to hire on as a pilot for United Air Lines where I flew for 37 !/2 years, retiring in 2003 when the terrorists took the fun out of the job. Married for 46 years to Glenna Callahan WHS '64. Three children and two grandchildren. Maintenance is my focus, resisting entropy in all things physical and mechanical.  Send Mike a MessageSend Mike a Message
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