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April 27, 1944 AUTO DEALER Married SKI TRIPS
Attended CU '63 and '64. Then worked my way
through Europe and North Africa for one year. Two months on costa del sol Spain,bought a motorcycle,Nice France, Monte Carlo,Italy(21in Pisa),Switzerland,Austria,Germany,EastGermany,and
ended up in Sweden for 3months.Came back to CU for 1 1/2 years, got restless and went to California. Ended up in Manhattan Beach,Ca for 
6years and 7Years in Redondo Beach.Played pretty hard until I met my wife 25years ago.I have been a pilot for 35yrs with our own plane,
my wife is also a pilot.communted  to LAfrom
our house in Palm Springs 6 months out of the
year.Traveled above the Artic Circle and South
to Cabo Luca,several times a year until it got too
dangerous.We bought a ranch in southern
Oregon 20 years a go and enjoy that most all
year around...reminds me of Colorado. No children,but helped raise nephews and nieces. I
am fortunate to have a great wife,that loves
to travel and work hard at the ranch.
It is so sad to see the passing of our classmates.
May they all rest in peace and that they are in
our thoughts.

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Steve (George) (Gleason)
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July 06, 1944 Pharmacist (retired) Married 1 Ski Club Trips Mr Wallace & Mrs Blum Skiing
I only attended Wheat Ridge my senior year (9th, 10th, & 11th grades were in Japan).  After graduation I went to CU Pharmacy School & graduated 1968.  Following a brief hitch in the Navy at Pensacola NAS, I returned to Denver 1970 & worked for Walgreens until I moved to my hometown of Montrose 1973.  I worked in hospital pharmacy 23 years & switched to retail until I retired in 2011.  I was active in Montrose Squadron of CAP & still have my pilot license.  I've enjoyed skiing, tennis, racquetball, golf, reading, & extensive travel.  My son works for Apple computer in Phoenix & we enjoy visiting him in winter.  We live at the Bridges Golf & Country Club in Montrose & am enjoying my retirement very much.  Still in excellent health.  Send Steve (George) a MessageSend Steve (George) a Message
John Sheflin
January 30, 1944 Radiologist Married 3
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Tom Kerbs
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January 08, 1944 retired Married graduating miss berman, typing - miss pharis,am history,oh yeah!
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David Bongers
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June 12, 1944 retired Married 3 playing with the band and jazz band
After high school, I went to Mesa Junior College and Western State College.  During the summers I worked at Wheat Ridge Water Dist. When graduation came so was a draft notice on its way.  I got married to Gloria Schroeder in December and in January.  I left for Officer’s training at Lackland Air Force base in Texas.  I spent eight and a half good years in aircraft maintenance at various Air Force Bases throughout the United States and two bases overseas at Guam and Labrador Canada. The Colorado Mountains called us back to the Ft. Collins area upon discharge. After several jobs in sales and 27 years with the City of Loveland Water Department, I now have had a year of retirement.
My wife and I have been blessed with 46 years of marriage with three daughters and four granddaughters all living in Loveland Colorado.

To the class of 1962, I say "Congratulations we make it this far"
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Carolyn Gowdy (Standley)
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April 10, 1944 Married
Still married to Gene after 39 years! Living in Flower Mound, TX. Enjoy the time I get to spend with my sister Marilyn and husband Jack when they visit from Georgia. Send Carolyn a MessageSend Carolyn a Message
Marilyn Gowdy (Marlatt)
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April 10, 1944 Married 2
I have been married for 45 years to Jack. I have two daughters, Jenny (39) and Kerri (32). Jenny has two daughters, Katie (13) and Makenna (6). Kerri has four children, Chase(15), Trevon(13), Grayce(9), and Landon(7). We all live in Woodstock, GA and are enjoying our time with ALL of them. Send Marilyn a MessageSend Marilyn a Message
Al Capra
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June 18, 1944 Retired Single 2 Hanging out with friends, working on our cars and racing them, teasing and nicknaming teachers. Jerry Hammill, Harvey Moore, Maryann Blum, Principal Don Solem. Playing sports, gym class causing troouble, shooting bow and arrows at pigeons.
After high school I worked with my father in the family business. Spent twenty years in the trucking industry. Retired teamster. I have two daughters, one married, one single, four fabulous grandchildren. Three boys and one granddaughter. I spend very much time with them, we have fun taking out our 64' mustang to car shows and traveling. Send Al a MessageSend Al a Message
Linda Lamb (Lusso)
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July 25, 1944 RN Divorced 3 Mrs. Newman
Still working, at least its from home!
Love to read, history and travel
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Carol Anderson (Preyer)
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August 15, 1944 Retired Teacher Married 2 I will be forever grateful to Mr. Powell for his help with Geometry, to Mrs. Blum for her patience in Speech class, and to Miss Lynen for her amazing skill as my English teacher! Miss Lynen (English), Mrs. Blum (Speech), Mr. Powell (Geometry)
Greetings from Montana!  Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the reunion, but I wish all of you a great time as you celebrate!

My life has been filled with many blessings!  After high school, I attended Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana, earning my BA in Education.  My first teaching job was in Anchorage, Alaska, where I taught third grade for two years.  It is also the place where I met my future husband, Mike Preyer, who coincidentally happens to be a  graduate of Jefferson High School in Edgewater, Colorado.  

After my time in Alaska, I went to Garrett Theological Seminary for one year of education.  Then Mike and I were married.  We spent the next 21/2 years living in Schweinfurt, Germany.  Mike  was in the Army there, and  I taught second grade  at the American School.  Our first daughter Julie was born there.

When we returned to the States, we both attended graduate school at CSU.  I earned my Master's Degree in Reading Education.  At a time when teaching jobs were hard to find, we ended up moving to Wolf Point, Montana, on the Ft. Peck Indian Reservation. Mike was a school administrator, and I taught elementary school,    junior high English, and high school Basic English.  I retired after 27 years of teaching!

Unfortunately, we were only able to have one birth child.   So, we adopted our second daughter at the age of three.  We had many challenges raising her, but there were also some surprising blessings! 

In 1997 MIke and I joined the Peace Corps for service in the Philippines.  Our service was cut short there, however, by health issues and our inability to adapt to the extreme heat and humidity.  However, it was a great adventure! 

We returned to the States and settled in Laurel, Montana.  We both worked for several years before officially retiring.  We moved to Columbus, Montana, and we built our present home on 21 acres of beautiful mountain property.  

During the past twelve years we have been blessed to do some amazing international travel!  We enjoyed four trips to South America, our favorite being a trek on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru.  We also enjoyed doing treks in Chile, Argentina, and Ecuador, as well as visiting the Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica, and China.  Last summer we returned to Germany for a trip down memory lane, a family reunion in Italy, and a family heritage trip to France.

As you all well know, life is not perfect. Sad, tragic things happen!  In 2005 we lost our oldest daughter Julie in a tragic  car accident in Canada.  She was living there with her Marine husband who was doing a pilot exchange with the Canadian Air Force.  Their precious daughter has Down Syndrome and was only 21/2 years old when her mom died.  We were and still are heartsick for our great loss, but we continue to be thankful that we had 32 amazing years with our amazing daughter!  Moreover, we still have a wonderful relationship with her husband and our special granddaughter.  

Overall, I feel very blessed with all that life has given me!  I have an amazing husband, wonderful family, and many good friends.  Most of all, I have my faith in a loving, everpresent Higher Power who gives me guidance, strength, and unconditional love!  

Well, I guess that 's enough about me!  Best regards to  all of  you "old" high school friends!  

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