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Profile picture Caroline Taylor
I remember going to gas stations to get (take) toilet paper and then TPing friends houses. Oh weren't we so bad? Ha! And then riding around in one or another kid's car all night on 50 cents of gas! (well, maybe a dollar of gas).
Profile picture Sarah Chandler Re: TP
Ahhh the TP! I remember some amazing yard decor from our time....and I remember Judy Kulp's place being a target (not sure by whom....). I also remember being so distracted by a TP job that had been done in the neighbourhood near the Frosted Scotchman drive-in, that I blew a new stop sign at the corner. Unfortunately for me, as new driver, there was a police car in the same neighbourhood, and I was pulled over. More unfortunately, it was after a performance of "Life with Father", and I was still in Victorian dress, with loads of pancake makeup on my face. My tears of fear and remorse made rivulets of black down my cheeks as the office announced he was writing me a ticket. You should have seen the expression on HIS face! Unfortunately for me, while it registered surprise and concern, it did not register sympathy!

I long for the days of putting 50 cents into the gas tank and driving for a week! Now it's more like $50, and may take me to Vancouver and back! Sarah Chandler