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Answer to Scott's Question
What I recall about heading off to Whitworth with Coach Knuckles was excitement and fear. Football was the least likely of the three I pictured myself playing in college. I guess Coach was headed back to Whitworth, and I received a four year "free ride" to go with him - pretty cool for a 145 pound farmer.

Getting to start for four years in both baseball and football was neat, but my proudest athletic moment EVER was being part of the Wheatridge team that upset number-one-ranked East High School after our junior and sophomore years of zero wins in league.
P.S. To Scott - I definitely don't agree that you were the worst athlete anyone has ever seen!
Profile picture Scott Hightower Re: Answer to Scott's Question
I remember the East game as a real high point, though I didn't get to play in it. I've always wondered about Coach Knuckles coming to Wheat Ridge, coaching and teaching just one year, then going back to Whitworth. Was it planned, or just coincidental? I guess only he can say.