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Memories of India
My husband and I went to India for our 30th wedding anniversary in December 2009. Our trip plans included a stay at the Ranthambore National Park to see Bengal Tigers in the wild. We reserved a luxury tent at the Oberoi Vanyavillas Hotel. It was late afternoon when we arrived, but we were greeted on the steps by the staff and the hotel’s two elephants dressed in full regalia with their mahouts sitting astride them. A young man dressed in a hotel uniform came forward to greet us. He spoke directly to my husband, he said, “Dr. Yee do you recognize this face? “ We were both taken aback and indeed he did look familiar but we were baffled. He said, “Its Piplani, from the Zahra.” At that moment, we both put our arms around him and the three of us laughed. We met Mr. Piplani in October 2008 when he was the manager of the Oberoi’s Zahra a Nile Cruiser! We all remembered so well our time on the Nile as my husband had come down with pneumonia and Mr.Piplani and the crew found doctors, had prescription filled even holding the departure of the boat to bring medications back to us. Ultimately, my husband was too ill to continue the trip and it was Mr. Piplani, feeling as if he had failed to give us a wonderful trip, offered us a complementary cruise back up the Nile so my husband could recover on the boat with the crew looking after him. You can imagine how surprised and delighted the 3 of us were when fate brought us together in India! To our great wonder, we did get to see Bengal Tigers while at Ranthambore but there is more. Mr. Piplani told us that the Chef from the Zahra meals was now at the Oberoi Amarvilas in Agra, our next and last stop. The chef had been concerned about my husband’s illness that he would prepare whatever we wanted. Mr. Piplani called ahead to the Amarvilas to let the chef know we were coming. The chef met us upon our arrival and insisted upon cooking some specialties for our anniversary dinner. It will be difficult to match our 30th! What a small and wonderful world in which we live. Image
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Enjoyed reading your message. My husband and I enjoy traveling too. In 2007, we spent a month in India. Four days were spent in Channai to attend a Hindu wedding of a former exchange student. In 2010 we spent a month in Argentina. A highlight was learning the tango. In 2009, we traveled to Egypt and cruised down the Nile like you did. This April we went to Turkey during tulip season. We loved it.