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Water Balloons
One summer night during our high school years, three or four of us decided to water-bomb the Lakeside train. Some of my co-conspirators were on the track team; this becomes important later in the story. Were they Larry Smith, Dean Knight and someone else?

I lived at 45th and Harlan, close to Lakeside Amusement Park. We filled a bunch of balloons with water and carried them to the top of a small hill near the tracks. Soon, the train came around the curve. We rose and heaved our missiles, scoring many hits on the cars and passengers.

Stupidly, we stayed around while the train continued its trip around the lake. Soon, we saw headlights coming toward us from the amusement park. We hid in bushes, scared to death, while guys got out of a car and started walking toward us. At the last minute, we jumped up and the race was on. My track team buddies had never seen me run so fast. We raced through neighborhoods until finally outrunning our pursuers. I think we then casually went back to my house as if nothing had happened. I've been truly scared a few times in my life and that was certainly one of those times.

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Too funny!