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Toilet Bowl Caper
Our homecoming football game our junior year was against Bear Creek, which has just joined our league. Several of us thought it would be cool to chain a toilet to Bear Creek High's flagpole. Bill Stovall was one of the conspirators, and I think Frank Klepetko was also involved. There were one or two others whose names I can't remember. Anyway, we put the toilet in the back of someone's pickup truck and drove over to Bear Creek High. We circled around for awhile, late at night, to see if anyone was around. Once we thought we were safe, we scrambled to chain the toilet to the flagpole and raced away. You can imagine the nervousness, snickering, giggling, etc. that went on. We were sure some kids would catch us and there would be hell to pay. Well, no one did, but the next day Don Solem called an assembly (might have been just a pep rally) and announced that someone from Bear Creek had called to complain about this awful deed and he'd better not find out who did it. He never did, so far as I know. I wish the story ended with us winning the football game, but Bear Creek beat us (as did most other teams those years). We never got the toilet back. I wonder where it came from?

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I was there for at least one incident