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WRHS Dedication
Attached article from Richard Lawrance. Thanks, Richard!
Last Post: Feb 10th 2017
Author: Scott62
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Scott--How would you know about that?-you're becoming my worst nightmare.
I think the statute of limitations has expired, so I will share.
We called it 'tank to tank' because we would...
Last Post: Jan 23rd 2011
Author: charlesrmartinez
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Collected memories - Sarah
OK, I DO remember that we(or some people we knew?) used to launch our butter pats at the cafeteria ceiling by placing them on our paper napkins and snapping the napkins to launch the butter. I...
Last Post: Jan 13th 2011
Author: Lillooetsarah
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Sadie Hawkins Dances
Remember how much fun it was to decide (a month in advance) who to ask to the Sadie Hawkins dance? And then when I finally worked up the courage, he would have already been asked!!
Last Post: Jan 12th 2011
Author: barbherring
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I remember going to gas stations to get (take) toilet paper and then TPing friends houses. Oh weren't we so bad? Ha! And then riding around in one or another kid's car all night on 50 cents of...
Last Post: Jan 12th 2011
Author: Caroline
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How about those cars we had? I can remember a lot of them. I used to work on Windy Elliot’s old Nash or Hudson. Not sure which. Rich Martinez had a 53? Chevy. Either inside his car or on his...
Last Post: Jan 2nd 2011
Author: rsolly
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Water Balloons
One summer night during our high school years, three or four of us decided to water-bomb the Lakeside train. Some of my co-conspirators were on the track team; this becomes important later in the...
Last Post: Dec 18th 2010
Author: Scott62
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Poster Parties
I remember how much fun we had making posters either at school or at someone's house to be hung in the halls before the games. And the fun potlucks before games...I specifically remember one at...
Last Post: Dec 17th 2010
Author: barbherring
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Answer to Scott's Question
What I recall about heading off to Whitworth with Coach Knuckles was excitement and fear. Football was the least likely of the three I pictured myself playing in college. I guess Coach was headed...
Last Post: Dec 16th 2010
Author: donleebrick
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Wheatridge Jr High - ink spill on the test papers.
I don't remember who the teacher was but we had a class in the expanded classrooms (trailers).
If anyone remembers better - help me out here- long time ago..
The teacher left the room...
Last Post: Dec 12th 2010
Author: hprecht
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Toilet Bowl Caper
Our homecoming football game our junior year was against Bear Creek, which has just joined our league. Several of us thought it would be cool to chain a toilet to Bear Creek High's flagpole. Bill...
Last Post: Dec 12th 2010
Author: Scott62
# of posts: 2