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I was drafted into the army in January 1969. In basic I volunteered for the rural pacification program, as I'd had a couple of years in the Peace Corps in the African jungle, but serendipity stepped...
Last Post: Feb 2nd 2012
Author: Scott62
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The Draft
Regardless if we:--served--dodged--or lucked out with deferrments--Vietnam directly, or indirectly influenced our destiny.
I was scheduled to graduate Northwestern Dental School June '69....
Last Post: Jan 19th 2011
Author: charlesrmartinez
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US Navy - Cushy Job
In my Junior year I was hanging around with Bill Piper. I think he was a Senior picking up some Junior classes. For scholastic reasons our talks eventually led to joining the military. Part of the...
Last Post: Dec 11th 2010
Author: hprecht
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The Draft
After graduation from college my husband received his draft notice. He opted to join the Air Force rather then get drafted by the army. His first tour was in Alaska, where I accompanied him as an...
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Author: Diane
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