Please plan to attend the annual Multi-Class Picnic July 29, from noon to 4pm, at Prospect Park Pavilion in Wheat Ridge at 44th & Robb!  This is the 55th anniversary of the Class of 1962's graduation from WRHS, so it will be great to reconnect with as many classmates as possible. 
The Picnic Committee has add the classes of 1960, 1966, 1967, 1968 and 1969 to the picnic.  If you have friends or relatives in those classes, please pass this invitation to them. 
The organizers provide water, ice, paper napkins and plates, plastic utensils, table coverings and the shelter. The picnic is pot luck, so please bring enough food, either an appetizer,  or salad, or entree', or dessert to share with other Farmers. If you bring your own 3.2 beer, it needs to be in cans. 

May 5, 2017  WRHS STEM News

News from Chuck Sprague, son of our classmate Diane Mayer Sprague and STEM-Engineering Instructor at WRHS: 

First off I would like to thank everyone for their continued support of the STEM program at Wheat Ridge High School and participating in the 2nd annual "Battle of the Classes". Everyone's support is one of the reasons we are able to continue with high end complex projects.
This year through the "Battle of the Classes" we raised enough money to build our entire NASA Human Powered Rover that went to Huntsville Alabama! 
The team that went to Huntsville placed 24th overall but took 2nd in the "Rookie" team category. The Prototype hydrogen fuel cell team went to Detroit and was crowned Champions of the Americas for the second time in three years! They were just featured on 9 News and they will also be on Good Day Colorado this coming Tuesday morning. Filming will take place Tuesday morning at 7:45 and will be aired during their show at some point. I am not sure how much buffer time they allow.
Having said that: Congratulations to this years' "Battle of the Classes" champion; Class of '61!
We look forward to once again beginning the 3rd annual "Battle of the Classes" competition later this summer. I will send information out once again with all the different ways a class can earn money towards their class standings. We will have some exciting new changes and possibilities. Should you have any good ideas please let me know.


April 1, 2017 Bobbie Fletcher Johnson

Cil Morrill Danyew and Regina Lavrinc Miller reported to me last week that our classmate Bobbie Fletcher Johnson died in October, 2014 due to long-standing heart issues. I added Bobbie to the list of deceased classmates and created an entry for her in the Memorial section of the website. Those who would like to add a remembrance of Bobbie can do so by looking up her entry there and clicking the "Add Tribute..." link. 

February 13, 2017 Another Classmate Passing

James "Jim" Rocco Garramone passed away October 21, 2016 due to a sudden stroke. I've created an entry for him in the Memorial section. No obituary was published. 

February 10, 2017 Classmates and Faculty Update

Jim Gilbert died in Arizona October 2010, from unknown causes.

Susan Myers has been found (she didn't know she was lost!) in Santa Cruz, CA.

Ed Tipper, who taught history at WRHS, passed away earlier this month. Some of you might remember he was one of the "Band of Brothers" in the HBO movie of the same name. You can see his bio at  


January 17, 2017 STEM Update

Our class has fallen behind in our quest to repeat as Battle of the Classes champion! Here's the latest update from the STEM sponsor Chuck Sprague. Let me know if you have questions.

Good evening everyone,
I hope the New Year is off to a great start!
There has been a major shakeup at the top of the Battle of the Classes leader board. The class of '61 will be starting the year off as the TOP DOG! The class of '61 had a flurry of activity at the end of 2016 and overtook the class of '62.
Here are the top 4 classes as they stand today.
1. Class of '61 has a total of $1,817.50
2. Class of '62 has a total of $1,639.50
3. Class of '86 has a total of $1,500.00
4. Class of '81 has a total of $1,139.00
On a side note, the King Soopers cards are starting to pay off. Through alumni we have raised almost $600 for the STEM Program. Please remind your classes to keep reloading their cards, it does help those on the Farm.
Have a wonderful evening and let me know if you have any questions.
This is going to be a neck and neck race to the end!
Charles L. Sprague
Wheat Ridge High School
STEM/Engineering-Shell Instructor
STEAM Department


January 2, 2017 STEM Update

The Class of '61 is attempting to keep our class from repeating as the winner of the "Battle of the Classes". Please keep those donations coming in, so the STEM kids can achieve the goals they've set for themselves this year.  You can make a tax-deductible contribution through the Wheat Ridge Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) foundation which funnels your contribution directly to the STEM program. It's website is Remember to include our 1962 class year on the donation web page.

If you live within the King Soopers/City Market area, you can buy a King Soopers gift card and use it to buy groceries. 5% of the amount you put on the card goes to the STEM program, but is not deducted from your balance. If you would like a card, you can email Chuck Sprague ( or contact Scott Hightower.

December 15, 2016 STEM "Battle of the Classes" Scoreboard

Our class is in first place at the end of the first semester! Below are the total funds donated by class, reflecting Colorado Gives Day, Battle of the Classes donations at the Foundation, direct donations to the program that reference a class year, and King Soopers gift cards.  Chuck Sprague, STEM/Engineering-Shell Instructor, thanks everyone for their continued support of the STEM program at WRHS and says it shows just how wonderful our alumni are about giving back to the "Farm"; the STEM team couldn't do everything it is doing without this support.
Chuck says there will be an "alumni day" in the spring, that will be open to everyone to come meet the students and see their incredible projects.

Rank Class Year  Donations
1            62          $1,639.50
2           86           $1,500.00
3           61            $1,157.50
4           81            $1,127.50
5           75            $500.00
6           65            $285.00
7           89            $172.50
8           07            $64.50
9           88            $63.00
10          64            $36.25
11          63             $26.25
12          60            $7.50


December 5, 2016 STEM Program Update

Received the following update from Chuck Sprague, son of our classmate Diane Mayer Sprague and head of the STEM program at WRHS: 

Good afternoon Wheat Ridge High School Graduates,
I am pleased to announce that we currently have 4 classes who are leading the way in the "Battle of the Classes" competition. The classes of 61 62 81 and 86 are all included in this email and I wanted to bring you up to date on a few items. Please feel free to forward any of this information to your classes in which ever media form you would like to.
1. The Wheat Ridge Stem team has been given the privilege of partnering with the Wheat Ridge Community Foundation in the Colorado Gives Day which is tomorrow, Tuesday December 6th. Colorado gives day is the one day during the year where individuals and companies can donate to a non-profit organization of their choice and their is a percent that is possibly matched. I am including the link to the direct donation page below. Should anyone want to contribute they can fill out the form and enter in the text box on the bottom of the page that you would like the donation to go to Wheat Ridge STEM and also include your graduating year. The Wheat Ridge Community Foundation will then forward the funds to our program. It is that simple. Also, when the returns come in, the Foundation will tell us which classes donated and these totals will be added to the Battle of the Classes yearly total.
I know it is late notice but wanted to get it out to everyone so you could pass it onto your classes if you would like.
2. I will have the complete "Battle of the Classes" totals sent out to everyone at the end of the semester complete with King Soopers totals added. Thanks to everyone who is helping with the King Soopers Cards. I can honestly say that it is making a tremendous difference in helping fund STEM. Should anyone need more cards or need more information on the program please let me know. Based on initial numbers, we will be able to pay for one of the small projects just from King Soopers Card revenue. 
3. We will be releasing details on the 2017 STEM and STEAM gala in January. Our goal this year is to get 300 people attending.
Once again thanks for all you do for Wheat Ridge and the STEM program!
Have a nice evening!
Charles L. Sprague
Wheat Ridge High School
STEM/Engineering-Shell Instructor
STEAM Department


July 2, 2016 Multi-Class Picnic and STEM Fund Raiser

This year's Multi-Class Picnic for the classes of 1961 thru 1965 will be July 30 at Prospect Park in Wheat Ridge from noon to 5pm. Prospect Park is at 11300 West 44th, or 44th and Robb.

Please plan to attend and bring a dish to share. We'll have a "tip jar" for contributions to defray expenses.

A special treat this year will be representatives of the WRHS STEM team. The students will be at the picnic to show one of the cars they built for the Shell Eco-Challenge this year and answer any questions about the program. 

The faculty sponsor of the the STEM program, Chuck Sprague (son of our classmate Diane Mayer Sprague), has started a "Battle of the Classes" contest to see which class can contribute the most funds to next year's program. As you might know, our '62 class was the top contributor this year and was honored with a plaque that hangs in the WRHS hall.

Let's be sure to repeat as champions! These kids do an amazing job and need our support. They have to self-fund their program. We'll have another jar at the picnic for donations.

Please RSVP to me via the "Contact Scott" tab so I can let the '63 class, which sponsors the picnic each year,how many of us to expect.

We'll see you there!
Scott and Barb Hightower


June 11, 2016 STEM "Battle of the Classes"

On June 10, Barb and I along with Diane Mayer Sprague and Judy and Jim Zelenski attended a banquet put on by the Wheat Ridge High STEM and STEAM teams to show their appreciation of those who helped fund their operation this year. As you might know, Diane's son Chuck started the STEM program at WRHS a couple of years ago. 

The STEM team has grown from 16 students the first year to 40 students this year and a projected 80 students next year. Four class periods will be devoted to STEM so that all students have an opportunity to work on a project. The STEAM program is also growing (the "A" is for Art) and should have 16 students next year.

The STEM team has four projects in mind: building another two hydrogen-powered cars for the Shell Eco-Challenge, building a robot for the "Battle Bots" TV show and building a human-powered "Rover" vehicle patterned after the rovers used in the lunar missions.

The students must do all the work themselves, with adults (faculty and guest experts) only providing guidance and suggestions. The students must also raise all the money they need for the projects. Fuel cells are expensive!

Chuck Sprague came up with the idea this year of having past WRHS classes compete to see which class could contribute the most funding. I'm proud to report that our class was the winner of this first year's competition, having contributed $1,750 to the program. A plaque is being hung in the hall of the school to commemorate each year's winner. We are the first entry on the plaque! I am attaching a photo.

So, in order to repeat as champions, we have to raise more money this year than other classes! Details are pending, but I'm thinking of creating a "STEM Battle of the Classes" event on this website so people can donate and track the results. Perhaps I can use the Message Board feature for updates. Let me know if you have ideas on how to make this fund raising effort a success so we can help the students even more. They are amazing!

May 3, 2016 Frank Klepetko

I have just received word from Bill Stovall that our friend and classmate Frank Klepetko died April 30, 2016 of congestive heart failure. I have created a page for Frank in the Memorial section of the website. I will add an obituary when I receive it.

April 2, 2016 Bonnie Berglund

Does anyone remember her? She was in our sophomore class but didn't graduate with us. An old friend is is trying to find her.  Let me know. Thanks! Scott H.

February 12, 2016 STEM/STEAM Gala

Want to show your support for the STEM/STEAM programs at Wheat Ridge High School? Consider attending the inaugural STEM/STEAM gala presented by the Wheat Ridge Community Foundation along with the team's Lamborghini sponsor Westerra Credit Union.

Please join us April 9th from 6:00-10:00 at Stonebrook Manor, 650 East 124th Ave in Thornton. The venue is limited to the first 250 individuals so get your tickets soon and join us for a night of food, fun and cars!

  • Tickets cost $50 (Includes Dinner)

  • Silent Auction

  • 52 Card Draw

  • Basket Drawings

  • Much much more

Tickets have been on sale for 11 days and we have sold 54 seats to date. We have 3 more days to sell 46 more tickets before the "Bushell Family 100 Ticket Match" expires. The Bushell Family is donating $10 for each ticket sold before the end of Valentines day.

To purchase tickets, click


January 23, 2016 Ronald "Ron" Ruterbories

I learned today that Ron passed away Oct. 3, 2015 in Denver. He had been on our list of missing classmates. I added him to the list of deceased classmates and created a Memorial page for him. His obituary is there and if you'd like to add a remembrance, you can do that on that page. Just click the "Memorial" tab.  

January 11, 2016 Donating to the WRHS STEM Program

Some folks have asked for information on how to donate to the program. There is a full packet of information at the following link:  The donation form is on the last page. Thanks in advance! Contact me or Diane Mayer Sprague (see Profile) if you have any questions.
Charles Neilsen (1943 - 2015)
Charles Neilsen (1943 - 2015)

January 9, 2016 Charles Nielsen

I received word from Jim Bradbury that Charles passed away Dec. 22. apparently from complications of diabetes, which he had for many years. He had been in a long-term care facility in Kansas for the past 20 years. Services are pending and will be announced at a later time. I've added Charles to the list of deceased classmates and created a Memorial page for him. His obituary is there and if you'd like to add a remembrance, you can do that on that page. Just click the "Memorial" tab.  

January 5, 2016 WRHS STEM Program

There is a terrific article about the WRHS STEM program in the January issue of Motor Age magazine. Please click the link and take a few minutes to read the awesome article. Then, please consider making a donation to help the kids buy fuel cells for this year's two cars. I'm still awaiting response from classmates regarding interest in creating a fundraising campaign. The article is at

December 19, 2015 WRHS STEM Program

For those not on Facebook, here is the link to the STEM team's Youtube page. Watch the newest video featuring Grif Wirth, the WRHS principal and also a WRHS grad. Click

December 18, 2015 WRHS STEM Program

From Diane Mayer Sprague: Even though Christmas Break has started for Jefferson County Schools, there are already 11 students in the Wheat Ridge STEM lab at 8:00 on this Friday morning.  They have come in to work on getting the foam ready to be milled to produce the forms for the two car bodies.  If these students are this dedicated can’t we give them our support?  Did you have a brother or sister who graduated from WRHS?  If so lets see how many people we can get to donate to the STEM program.  It doesn’t have to be much any thing helps  Already we have had enough donations from the class of 1962 to get our name on one car that is going to Detroit.  Lets see how many classes we can get represented on these cars.

December 11, 2015 WRHS STEM Program

Check out some late-breaking news from the WRHS STEM team. It's been honored by the Jeffco school board for its work. The team is raising funds to buy the fuel cells for its two new cars. Are any of you interested in helping? How would you feel about a contest with the classes of '61, '63, '64 and '65? Let's have some dialogue here, or on our class Facebook page. Click or paste the following link to see the team's Facebook page and follow its progress:

October 19, 2015 Website Renewal

Our subscription to, which supports our class website, expired this weekend. I renewed it today for three years for $299 with my credit card. If you believe the website is worthwhile, please consider making a donation. Just click the "Subscription Renewal" tab. Thanks in advance!

October 5, 2015 WRHS STEM Engineering Program

Wheat Ridge STEM Engineering at Wheat Ridge High School is a group of students interested in engineering. Charles Sprague, son of our classmate Diane Mayer Sprague, leads the class. The group is not limited to any grade level and is composed of 9th graders through 12th graders.

Formed in August, 2014, the team's goal was to design and build a carbon fiber-based car that would be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The group competed in the Shell Eco-Marathon in April of 2015 and placed first in the Prototype-Hydrogen Fuel Cell Division. The prize was $2,000!

The first team had only fifteen students. Interest levels have grown and the group is larger this year. Many students start the class with little or no experience.

The goal of the project is to teach students how to work together as they design, manufacture, assemble and compete. Work is underway on two cars this year and the group is looking forward to competing again in Detroit. They are seeking funds to support the expanded program. They have created an introductory video at

If you would like to help the program with a donation, or if you have questions, send an email to Diane. Her email address is

August 16, 2015 Ron Bishop Found, but Deceased

Ronald C. Bishop has been on the Missing list. Today, I received an email from his sister, telling me Ron passed away January 26, 2009 due to lung cancer. I created an entry for Ron in the Memorial section of the website with his obituary, removed him from the Missing list and added him to the Deceased list.  

June 30, 2015 Annual Class Picnic

The Class of '63 is again hosting the annual Summer Potluck/Picnic for the classes of '61, '62, '63 and '64. The picnic will be in Prospect Park, 44th and Robb in Wheat Ridge, on July 18 from noon to 6pm. Since this is a potluck, please bring something to share. There will be a tip jar to cover the cost of drinks, utensils, plates, etc. Once again, each class is asked to contribute $50 toward the rental of the pavilion. If you can make a donation, you can mail me a check made out to me, or you can drop something into the tip jar. If you send me a check, mail it to 13772 Legend Way, Unit 101, Broomfield, CO  80023. I will combine the checks and write a check to the '63 class treasurer. Barb and I can't make it this year, but we hope there will be good participation from our class. 

Happy Summer!
Scott Hightower 


June 1, 2015 Richard Ritthaler Has Passed

Rich's daughter has just informed me that Rich passed away last Friday, May 29, from Esophageal Cancer. He was diagnosed in October 2013. He did attend our 50-year reunion in 2012. A memorial service will be held for him this Saturday, June 6, at 4pm at the Rendezvous Restaurant at Heather Gardens. The address is 2888 S. Heather Gardens Way, Aurora, CO  80014. As I get more information, I will pass it along. I will also create a Memorial page for Rich, for those who'd like to add a remembrance. 


April 17, 2015 Larry Schreiber Passes

Margie Brown Schreiber informed me today that Larr Schreiber, her brother-in-law and our classmate, died April 10 from complications of cancer. He was being treated at a clinic in Mesa, AZ. Margie and Dick, who live in AZ, saw him a couple of weeks earlier and celebrated his 71st birthday while he was still feeling pretty well. I've created an entry for Larry in the Memorial section of the website. Click the "Add a Tribute" button if you'd like to share a remembrance of Larry. His obituary is at

January 11, 2015 Susan Gisel Found

Susan Gisel Drechsel, who has been on the Missing list, has been found! She writes: "Hi Alive and well living in the Villages FL. Retired as a lieutenant colonel in the Army Nurse Corps after 20 plus years of service. Graduated from Medical College of GA and master from Troy State University. My husband Bill is a West Point graduate and a retired military officer. Love living in this planned community.". 

January 4, 2015 Update

We've made it to 2015! Hope this year is good for everyone. There are a few birthdays this month. Click the Welcome page to see them and if you'd like to wish them happy birthday, look up their profile and click the 'Send a Message...' tab. 

Our class has a group called "Wheat Ridge High School Class of 1962" on Facebook. Quite a number of our classmates have joined. If you're on Facebook, but you're not a member of our group, please join us!